When should you redeem SIP Investments?

SIP meaning full form is a systematic investment plan (SIP). The meaning of SIP in investment is the most convenient mode of investing in mutual funds and has potential to generate long-term wealth. The investor develops the habit of disciplined investing and reaps the benefits of rupee-cost averaging. However, are subject to losses on account of market conditions and associated risks involved. What should an investor do? Should investor stop a loss-making SIP or continue with the SIP?

The following factors should be considered while redeeming SIP investments.

Asset allocation

This is a very important to meaning of SIP investments. Returns from equity-linked mutual funds are related to the performance of the stock market. So, if the market is not performing well, then your fund is also likely to follow the trend and provide low returns. Also, in equity funds, investing one’s funds in small or mid-cap funds or large cap because previous year returns were very good is not a good idea. Allocate your assets in a diversified manner. It should mostly be a mix of long-term, mid-term and short-term funds. Asset allocation varies from person to person. Investing in only one type of fund is not advisable.